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We’ve curated a list of beauty brands that are supporting LGBT+ charities during Pride Month. Scroll below to shop and see your proceeds go to the cause.



The history


It’s June 28, 1969 in Greenwich Village, New York City. In the early morning hours, patrons of the Stonewall Inn are enjoying an elicit activity: dancing together. Slow dancing with someone of the same sex was a punishable offense by the police. On this day Stonewall was the location targeted for a raid by the NYPD in partnership with the Public Morality Squad. Unlike successful raids in the past, there was something different on this Saturday. Patrons of the Stonewall and the LGBT community in New York were done being ostracized and brutalized for who they were.

As the first few arrested patrons were being pushed into the police wagons, violence erupted in the crowd that had gathered outside of the bar. There were zero casualties and several injuries and arrests but the fight was far from over. The next day saw a reopening of the Stonewall Inn and another day of rioting. For days afterward people of the LGBT community stood outside the Inn, handing out leaflets along Christopher Street and finally stepping out of the shadows.

On the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the first Pride Parade was led through Greenwich Village in NYC. Echoing the importance of the events and what they stood for, Chicago and Los Angeles saw simultaneous marches on that day. The following year saw seven more cities supporting Pride Parades in their communities, including four European cities. In 1972, eight more cities joined the cause.

Fast forward to 1982 where InterPride is founded as a non-profit coalition to bring together LGBT+ Rights groups from around the world and provide resources and events to further the cause. Including 160 groups from over 35 countries, the organization introduced WorldPride, an international event to educate and support the fight for equality and inalienable human rights for the LGBT+ community. The sixth WorldPride is currently taking place in New York City, on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.


If you would prefer to donate directly, check out this list of amazing charities.


Marc Jacobs Beauty

The brand is high-integrity as much as it’s high-quality. That’s why five shades of Enamored Lip Gloss have been repackaged as Enamored with Pride for Pride 2019.

Each lip gloss is ranges from $26 - $30 with 10% of the proceeds of each gloss sold going to Sage, an organization that provides support to LGBT elders. The potential total for donation is $75,000.


Milk Makeup

We’re officially obsessed with the Wear Your Pride set assembled especially for Pride with 100% of the proceeds going to The Center, an LGBT community center in NYC.

The set includes a Glitter Stick (Techno), Deluxe KUSH Mascara, and Mini Holographic Stick (Stardust) and is priced at $28. Even better is the fact that these are travel friendly product sizes that you can take to the parades with you.


MAC Cosmetics

MAC has long been a supporter of the LGBT community and Pride. While the curated collection for June 2019 does not give funds to non-profits, the brand took Pride 2019 into its own hands.

MAC is an official sponsor of NYC and LA Pride parades. They also have created Pride events in most US cities. Oh and it’s the 25th anniversary of Viva La Glam, the lipstick that helps fund inclusive health rights for all.


Urban Decay

The brand created a whole range of products and tutorials for a full Pride look titled Sparkle Out Loud.

The darling of the line is the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Stonewall ($21). Sound familiar? That’s because it’s an ode commemorating the Stonewall Riots as a turning point in LGBT rights in the US and 25% of the purchase price goes to the Stonewall Community Foundation.


Sephora Pride 2019

The beauty conglomerate has gone and done it again! Sephora has curated its inaugural Sephora <3’s Pride collection of makeup, skincare, and lashes to support LGBT organizations.

$1 from every product sold from the collection is donated to charity partners that provide resources and support to LGBT communities across the US. Prices for products range from $8 (Sephora lipstick) to $45 (Anastasia palette).


Youth To The People

Youth to the People has long been a disrupter in the skincare game. Harnessing superfood ingredients in a sustainable way to cater to the on-the-go lifestyle of millenials. It comes as no surprise that the brand would support some of the generation’s idealogies.

100% of profits (Up to $50,000) from the Limited Edition Superfood Cleanser ($36) are donated to GLSEN, an organization on a mission to provide educational environments that are inclusive to LGBT students.


Kush Queen

Female founded company Kush Queen brings hemp lifestyle products to the masses. CBD has been found to ease inflammation as well as anxiety, without any of the psychoactive symptoms associated with the idea of weed.

The 2019 Pride collection includes three products (a tincture, a bath bomb, and a lubricant). You can buy them all separately or buy the full set for $100 (almost a quarter less than buying the pieces individually). 20% of all pride collection sales go to Trans Lifeline to provide resources and assistance to transgender individuals.


While there were other brands curating Pride collections, they either did not pay the proceeds to a charity or artfully refuse to disclose the amount they are donating.

When shopping for a cause, always be sure to research if the company is doing work that aligns with your values. Whether it’s organizing events for the cause or funneling a specific amount of proceeds to the cause, it’s important for us as consumers to ask for transparency in wear our money is going. Some companies get caught up in the hype to improve their margins while others are philanthropically driven to help our world. We know which ones we’ll be giving our paychecks to.


* photos courtesy of respective brands.

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