Battle of The Spring Launches

If your runny nose and watery eyes haven’t given you a hint, SPRING IS HERE. While your face may be being attacked by allergies, we’re giving you the scoop on some of the biggest spring beauty launches so you can beat your face with something else.

Some tips to help with allergy face:

  • Non-drowsy allergy medicine will be your best friends

  • Bring eyedrops everywhere you go

  • The softest tissues you can find

  • Waterproof mascara

Now that you have the basics down, let’s get to the collections.



While the Exposed Cheek and Lip Collection was technically released around Valentine’s Day, the Limited Edition collection is still available and incredibly worth it. You can get the Exposed Cheek Palette ($59) for six brand new hyper pigmented face shades. We say “face” because these are technically marketed as blushes but can be used all over the face for a monochrome look (think, on your eyes and over lip balm or lipstick).

The other features in this collection are the Explicit Lip Duos which include perfectly paired lip crayons with matching sheen lip tints. The sets come in three colors, which include some cult favorite shades: Dragon Girl, Intriguing, and Sex Machine. Each set is $22 for the travel sized duo.

Bonus: Check out the newest launch from NARS that will definitely blow your pants off. The brand launched a full Orgasm collection, based off their eponymous blush shade that is currently the top selling blush in the United States. Metallic pink packaging introduces an eyeshadow palette, a lip tint, lip gloss, the blush, and a liquid highlighter. This is in addition to the already expansive Orgasm collection ($24 - $49).



The rose is so entwined in the history of this brand that Lancôme has a property of their own unique roses and are harvested purely for the brand’s products. The brand did not go full floral on us for the spring, though. They opted for a healthy glow and packaging that’s reminiscent of the types of lounge chairs at an exclusive St. Tropez beach.

The newest darling of the collection is Capital Letter Blush which is a beautiful pink shade made up of a jar of pigmented letters that spell out “Lancome” similar to the alphabet marshmallows in cereal ($40). The other features are the latest feature of monochromatic cushions that set as a powder and can be used as multipurpose products. The Monochromatique shades featured in the spring collection are two pinks, a gold, and an amazing pearlescent shade called Magique ($25 each).

Other darlings in the collection are cream blush sticks ($39), nail polishes ($20), three lipsticks ($32) and three cream eyeshadows ($25) pulled from the permanent line, and a glittery lipstick top coat ($32). The other doozy of this collection is the eyeshadow palette ($54) which gravitates away from the brand’s core packaging for a more youthful and fun compact that you can pull out of your bag at brunch. It also includes a diagram tutorial of how to apply the eyeshadow for maximum impact. Check, please!



The brand known for its philanthropy and easy French beauty has sidestepped the traditional spring trends to go full glitter. The collection, named Polar Ice, is inspired by the night sky in the Arctic with the Aurora Borealis in full view. Is consists of three top nail polishes that can be worn on their own or as top coats over your favorite shade. Each polish is $28 and comes in Vega (light blue), Polaris (a neutral pearl), Nova (pink shimmer). These polishes are also vegan and 8-free.

The collection also has Lip Cristals which are amazingly smooth and highly pigmented lipsticks that have high shimmer and shine. These also come in three shades: Citrine (coral), Carnelian (red), and Tourmaline (fuschia) at $50 each. Finally, the spring set is rounded out with the Polar Ice Palette ($98), which houses nine new eyeshadows all packed to the brim with shimmer. If you are a glitter queen, grab this palette (or three since they're limited edition) and hold on for dear life.



You might expect the star player of this collection to be the vibrant eyeshadow palette which includes 9 shadows ranging from matte to shimmer and includes the primary colors as well as some neutrals. Hear us out. Unless you are a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast who is able to experiment with all the colors, the Les 9 Ombres palette ($70) is not for you. The fact that there are reds, blues, and greens in one package will be a bit intimidating for the average customer. Keep in mind some color theory to get the best look for you.

The real winner of this collection has ended up being Baume Essentiel ($45). While the product is still available online, most retail counters sold out of this product within a week of stocking it. Somehow this product sets comfortably on the face in a silky and hydrating way without feeling tacky or sticky. The result is a dewy glow to the skin that can be done using the Transparent formula or amping up the drama with the Sculpting shade.

Other elements of the collection were pulled from the permanent line and curated into the color scheme of the season. These include the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder ($30 each), a matte liquid lipstick with a powder feel, and the Le Vernis ($28 each), a high shine nail polish.



MAC’s spring collection was…floral. They did take it international, though, with the inspiration being the Japanese cherry blossoms. The packaging boasts the blossoms and the brand’s Prep + Primer Fix+ ($28) has a fresh floral scent, probably the best smelling of their scented sprays. Overall, the collection boasts a lot of pink shades, some of which won’t be flattering on all skin tones. This includes the two Highlight Powders ($30) in Fleur Real (pink) and Spring Bling (bronze).

The standouts from this collections is the 9 (is this a magic number?!) eyeshadow palette with beautlful neutrals and pinks moving between matte, pearl, and frost. The Boom Boom Bloom Kabuki palette is a steal at $33 and already sold out in most places. Round out the eye look with lipsticks from the collection. The shades are Hey, Kiss Me! (cream bubble gum pink), Wagasa Twirl (matte rose), Hi-Frustease (matte coral), Tsk Tsk! (matte fuschia), each for $19.50. More of a lipglass person? Grab it in either Cherry Mochi (magenta), For The Frill of It (pale metallic pink), Heartmelter (dusty rose), or Pink-A-Boo (pastel pink) for $18.50 each.



Cover photo by Stephanie Studer.