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We’ve come a long way from putting toothpaste on our zits.

The newest frontier in pimple care is using patches to cover and heal those unwelcome visitors. Some of these patches are colorful and bright, meant to be a social media statement. Others serve a more common goal: hiding a raging pimple. I recently featured these patches on my post about cold sores. Right after the post went up, I kid you not, I woke up with what felt like a piece of gravel under my skin. I had a painful zit on my chin and I immediately went to pick it. 

That’s the other perk of these patches. Not only do they help pimples heal incognito but they also prevent picking. These patches are essentially small bandages that are transparent and thin. They have a small hydrocolloid patch that contains a gel ingredient like pectin or gelatin. This creates an environment that draws out any pus and bacteria from the blemish and collects it, turning from clear to white when it’s time to replace it. 

Not only do I want to call out these patches but I want to give a huge shout out to the company behind them. 


Rael isn’t just a skincare company.

Founded in 2017 but three women who were already successful in their respective day jobs, they set out to find an alternative to the period products on the market. All products are created in small batches to insure the highest quality - that what they can adapt the products based on feedback from the people buying them. Rael products are made with natural materials like certified organic cotton that’s ethically sourced from Texas. 

It wasn’t enough to only address the bleeding part of periods with tampons, liners, pads, and period panties. Rael rounds out their product line to address some of the other effects of menstruation like cramping (the brand makes a heating pad) and skincare (sheets masks and pimple patches). It’s 2019 and no one has time for period symptoms to impede on breaking the glass ceiling. 

Sounds exclusive! Well it’s not.

The prices of pads and tampons are around $6 a box with value bundles. The pimple patches are even less expensive. All products are available as one time purchases or as a recurring subscription delivered at an interval of your choosing. Rael also has a rewards program where points can be accumulated for discounts or free products. They also have curated boxes for first time periods and new moms. 

Here’s the really exciting part: Rael is striving to be accessible by every woman worldwide. The brand is currently in 19 countries and expanding quickly. They also work with local charities in the U.S. to provide products to low income and homeless women who might otherwise not be able to afford period products. Currently, only one city in the U.S. gives menstrual products to its women’s shelters. Rael is setting out to change that and, at only two years old, the company is hopeful to provide products for women in need on a global level in the near future. 

Photo courtesy of brand.

Photo courtesy of brand.


Long story short, Rael’s pimple patches are incredible and I can’t wait to try their other products. 

My pimple came to a head and drained on the first day of wearing the patch. By the second day, the spot was scabbed, less red, and flat. Considering I started with an angry and hard bump, this was fast progress. Also, while it’s not marketed for use over a cold sore, I used it to superficial heal the one I’ve had and it dialed down the healing time of my blister by half. This spot is also practically healed and it’s day 7 (usually a cold sore will take two weeks to disappear for me).

Each pack of pimple patches contains two sizes of patch (10mm and 12mm, 12 count each) for $5.99. Click below to check it out!

*This is not an ad or affiliate link, just sharing a product I love.


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