Brand Spotlight: Too Cool For School

Every one in a while the stars align to give us something truly special. In this case, it’s the brand Too Cool For School

You may have seen the brand’s 24K Pumpkin Sheet Mask featured in last week’s post, Pumpkin Spice Beauty. I am such a devotee of this brand that I thought I would expand the conversation for those that aren’t familiar with it. Perhaps you’ve already seen the quirky packaging in your local beauty retailers and wondered if the ingredients are as good as the illustrations. Let’s talk about it.

Each product in Too Cool For School’s line has active ingredients to give you the look you want and is steeped in the trends and technologies of South Korea. Yep, this is a K-Beauty brand and it came to the U.S. around 2016 to give us all the goodies. Powerful skincare and universally flattering makeup is packaged in artful containers that make them a gorgeous mainstay on your vanity as much as they are portable. 

Whenever I pull out my Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper ($8) at least three people stop to ask what I’m holding and are met with free papers for a communal blot.

The packaging is beautiful and the ingredients are powerful but let’s talk price. Often when we find that all around great product that helps us look our best selves it has a price tag that makes us cry. I don’t know about you but I can’t spend $400 on a face cream. The range of prices for Too Cool For School products are $1-$70 with a lot of the double digit items being sets that contain multiple products. 

Read more about the brand and my highly recommended products for Too Cool For School below! 

The Brand

In 2009, Too Cool For School launched its physical products in Seoul, South Korea. The purpose was to bring the latest beauty formulations to people in pretty and fun packaging - total conversation starters. For the latter, the brand partnered with creative partners in New York City and a freelance illustrator in London. Since the inception of the brand’s core line, these collaborations have expanded to work with many more artists and content creators all around the world. 

This is what transcends Too Cool For School about other brands. Everyone can hold a piece of art that is inspired by New York architecture (Hatori Sando for Dinoplatz) or a vintage art store in bohemian Paris (Artclass by Rodin). In a saturated beauty market, Too Cool For School isn’t interested in selling anyone gimmicks. Instead they offer a curated collection to suit all of our needs while connecting us to our global beauty brothers and sisters. In today’s world, an affordable and effective product is not enough. These are conversation pieces - they break down my walls when I hand a stranger a blotting paper in a cafe bathroom. It allows us to connect over something other than the weather. 

One more thing I want to shout out is that the brand has curated three lines of clean beauty: Caviar Lime (vegan and great for dry skin), Rules of Mastic (perfect for even the most sensitive skin), and Pink Salt (suitable for all skin types).


The Hero Products

Photos courtesy of brand.



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