CBD in Beauty


CBD seems to be everywhere and in everything.

Cannabidiol is an ingredient in cannabis and contributes to the “mellow” feeling of marijuana. It started being featured in ointments for pain and then made its way into supplements. While we might not know the long-term effects of it, preliminary studies have shown that it helps relieve pain, anxiety, and aid in sleep. As long as it is only CBD (no THC) it won’t get you high or come up on drug screens - it might just make you super relaxed or sleepy. 

Now it’s in beauty.

One of the first companies to be featured in the beauty space was Lord Jones for their pain relieving lotion. It was touted as a great way to alleviate the pain from wearing high heels for extended periods of time. Then, as the trend began to gain traction, CBD made its way into bath bombs for the ultimate physical and mental relaxation. Now you may be seeing CBD massages and sheet masks on the market. 

CBD helps soothe the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It also is absorbed through the skin to repair lower layers of the dermis while helping you chill out. It also it a great carrier for other botanicals and active ingredients to help you target breakouts, fine lines, or skin texture and discoloration. If you have sensitive skin, a beauty product with CBD may be just what you need for gentle delivery of more reactive vitamins and nutrients.

As with anything trendy, there are a lot of products cropping up with CBD.

In order to be sure they work in an effective and controlled way, it’s important to look for a few things. Make sure that there are plenty of positive reviews for the product and read through some for common themes. Hemp is different than CBD and won’t give you the same results so make sure you are looking at the ingredient labels. 

You can check out the curated products below so you know you’re getting something that’s worth it.


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Cover photo by Robert Nelson.