Tinted Mascara

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There’s one mascara that makes it into every artist’s kit.

Ask any professional makeup artist what their top mascara picks are and you can be sure that one of their picks will be L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara. The formula is hyper-pigmented for the ultimate color payoff while the thick fibered brush makes sure that every lash is coated. The mascara coats every lash for ultimate volume without the clump. You can go for a natural look or build up the drama with layers of mascara.

While many may know about this mascara, few may know about its Cobalt Blue and Burgundy versions.

How’s it different?

To be completely honest, it’s not. The formula is the same and will give you really great volume and definition. The color payoff is not quite as vibrant as the packaging leads you to believe. While the mascara itself is highly-pigmented, it goes on your lashes with a gentle tint that you can only see when up close.

From far away, it will just look like you’re wearing black mascara.

If you are someone that wants a subtle tint of color or to change up your usual black mascara game then I would say go for this product. If you want to amplify the shades, I would definitely recommend layering this mascara over a white primer. The primer will allow the pigment from the blue or burgundy mascara to be more vibrant and look true to how it does on the mascara wand.

The images below are with the tinted mascaras without primer.

As you can tell, it just looks like I’m wearing regular mascara . However, my lashes do look long and voluminous. With the mascara costing under $10 it wouldn’t be a waste to try the product but, again, I wouldn’t recommend it without a primer - not if you are itching for bright and bold lashes.

Here’s the cool thing: if you want to try both or them or get one in black and one in a color - ULTA is offering Buy One Get One 1/2 off on it’s products currently.

Cobalt Blue in natural light.

Cobalt Blue in natural light.

Deep Burgundy in natural light.

If you want to take these mascaras for a spin on your own, shop the link below.



Cobalt Blue

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Deep Burgundy

Buy One Get One 1/2 off.


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Cover photo by Isi Parente.

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