Youthful Eyes

Eye creams. Eye serums. Eye masks. The list goes on and on but most people don’t know how they work or why they need them. 

The two most common things that people will do it avoid putting any skincare on the area around the eye or putting their facial moisturizers all over their eye areas. While it’s totally up to you if you choose to do the former, I would strongly recommend against the latter. Most face creams have high contents of fat molecules that are meant to hydrate the skin. The skin around the eyes, however, is much thinner than elsewhere on the face. This means that, over time, using face creams around your eyes may lead to little bumps - fat deposits under the skin. Not to alarm you but those bumps are only removable by a trained physician so you’ll be kind of stuck with them if they appear. 

If you want to introduce an eye treatment into your routine but aren’t sure where to start, I’m hopeful this guide will help you. I recommend you use eye cream at the end of your skincare routine and waiting at least 5 minutes until it absorbs before applying makeup. If you are noticing that your skin seems to be forming little gummy balls (pilling) on it or makeup is going on streaky, you may want to decrease the amount of product you’re using. Using too much of any product (eye or face) or not giving it enough time to absorb will lead to the product sitting on the skin and pilling. 

Now that you know how to use your products, let’s talk about the different types. 

There are so many brands, formulas, and textures out there that it can be intimidating to choose what’s best for you. Below you’ll see the different types of eye treatments and the differences between them. I’ve also curated the best ones on the market currently and arranged them in increasing price (starting with the more affordable ($) and moving up to the luxe ($$$) products). 


The Creams

This is the most traditional formulation of eye treatments. Some creams are rich and whipped for a luxurious feeling for those with dry skin. Others are lightweight and absorb quickly for the on-the-go folks. These are very hydrating products that have active ingredients to help with texture around the eyes, darkness, or sagging (in some cases, several or all of these are addressed).

The thing to keep in mind with eye creams is that applying too much can cause eye irritations or “pilling” where the product will turn into little balls on the skin and lead to uneven makeup application on top.



The Gels

Eye gels are a good alternative for those that want a more refreshing treatment option. They are often less rich than creams but deliver the same kind of effectiveness in their uses. Gels often have cooling properties and sometimes contain ingredients like aloe that make them a good option for those with sensitive or oily skin. Gels often have less less fillers in the form of emollients. 

Ultimately, it comes down to texture preference. Of creams seem too rich for you, try a gel on for size.



The Balms

Now comes the lesser known category of eye treatments. Eye balms differ from creams and gels in two significant ways. One is that the balm texture helps prime the eye are for makeup by diffusing any fine lines or wrinkles for less creasing. The second is that many of these formulas come in lightweight tubes for easy application or touch-ups while on the move. Aside from this the ingredients and activeness of balms are no less than their cream and gel counterparts. 

An eye balm is a great option for someone always on the move and eager to see immediately, as well as long-term, results. 



The Serums

While the formulas we’ve talked about so far differ only in texture and packaging, serums are a whole different ball game. Much like face serums, those for the eyes are made up of smaller molecules than their cream (and gel and balm) counterparts. This means that the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and begin their work in the deeper layers of the dermis. This is why they are the most effective when it comes to long-term results. 

I would recommend a serum over any other eye treatment for the most effective results and as a preventative measure for years to come. 



The Masks

These badasses are the icing on the cake. Eye masks provide targeted ingredients in very concentrated doses. Using too many of them can be overwhelming to the skin but utilizing them 1-2 times a week will give your eye area an extra boost in radiance and hydration. This makes eye masks the perfect product before a big event, night out, or for the morning after. 


I hope this guide helped clear up some of your eye treatment questions. If you have more hit me up in the comments below or DM me. ✌ 


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Cover photo by Anfisa Eremina.