Crystals in Beauty


Crystals have been surrounded by mysticism for millenia. In recent years, they have made a resurgence into the mainstream. While using crystals or energy healing has been deemed to be “woo woo” by some, this new age trend is leading to huge jumps in sales for some beauty companies.

The History

In many different cultures throughout history, gemstones and crystals were thought to protect against certain things. The Ancient Greeks believed that amethyst protected against drunkenness and hangovers. Egyptian and Chinese cultures used to wear amulets with certain crystals and stones for protection and health. It was during the Renaissance that documents started emerging showing how certain crystals can be used to heal certain ailments. This was also the time that crystals got their first major critics. This led to a shift from medical healing with crystals to the energy healing we know today.

The Resurgence

Certain scientists and researchers have said that everything in the world is a vibration. Crystals are meant to hold vibrations from the moon, Sun, and other stars to grow and manifest their purposes. A crystal like rose quartz is meant to be “charged” at the full moon and bring unconditional love and positivity. That’s why every product in Miranda Kerr’s line, Kora Organics, is infused with charged rose quartz. Jade rollers not only stay cool for facial massages but the stone is believed to bring harmony and protection to its user. 

As more brands and celebrities bring these crystals into the mainstream, more customers become drawn to crystals and their uses. Whether you decide to get full crystals and charge their energies or not, there is no harm in using these products. None of the crystal-infused ingredients have been proven to have adverse effects on skin or health so there’s no harm in using them.

If you want to start practicing with crystals, The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is a great resource for how to do it in the modern century.  


The Products



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Cover photo by Amanda Vick.