Slam Book Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution US 728 x 90

If you’ve seen my recent Lemon Drop tutorial, you’ll have seen the Slam Book palette featured in it.

The palette is made by CAI Cosmetics, a New York City based brand that is making affordable beauty products that are cruelty-free and paraben-free. The palette itself seems to be manufactured in China and is sold exclusively at Target. Target it one of my favorite beauty destinations and I can’t help but wander its aisles looking for something new to try. Products in the CAI line range from $3 to $20. 

How’s the quality?

I was first drawn to this palette because of the packaging. It’s an obvious tribute to the Burn Book in Mean Girls. When I opened it, I immediately noticed the incredible jewels tones of the eyeshadows inside. For $9.99 I figured it wouldn’t be a waste even if it didn’t live up to the packaging. Truth be told, it’s a mixed bag.

The shades are definitely more vibrant in the palette than on the skin. In order to get the most opaque finish of the eye shades, you would need to build layers of this shadow until you reached your desired result. For those of you who are nervous about playing with color, this is ideal because it will give your eyes a watercolor wash of a shade without being too aggressive. For those that love to play with bold looks, I would say there are plenty of other eyeshadows on the market that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

With any eyeshadow, you can put on an eyeshadow primer first to intensify the color and make the shade stay in place and last. This is what you would need to do with the shadows in this palette. 

The other thing about this palette is that I found the powders designated for cheeks to be useless unless you use them as eyeshadows. There are very few skintones on which the intended cheek shades would look flattering and not chalky and one dimensional. The gold shade is probably the most flattering while the other colors leave something to be desired. I’ll keep trying to play with this palette and update you all if my opinion changes.

Swatches (top 6: eyeshadows, bottom 2: cheeks).

Swatches (top 6: eyeshadows, bottom 2: cheeks).

Overall, I would say that this palette is reminiscent of the makeup we used to get as children that was hard as rocks and had no payoff. I rate this palette 1 out of 5.



Slam Book

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Cover photo by dazhi.