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Mascara primers - what’s up with that?

Many people think of a mascara primer as just another step in their beauty routines. I totally hear you on that! As a makeup artist and beauty fanatic, I want you to know that a primer can be your lashes best friend. Not only do these primers amplify the results of your mascara but they can help your natural lashes grow long and strong. These primers are actually conditioners for your lashes (just like conditioners for the hair on your head) and can be worn under mascara or on its own. Trust.


While the formulations of each mascara primer may differ, their goal is the same - to protect and condition your lashes under mascara. The fact that they make your mascara seem 2X or more effective is an added bonus. A formula like Cils Booster contains Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant for lashes and promotes growth my stimulating the lash follicle. It’s also a gentle enough formula that is won’t irritate eyes or mess with contacts. The La Base formula has B5 to repair any breakage to strengthen lashes and meadowfoam oil protect and moisturize. The Violet One has a beautiful lavender tint and contains Jasmine Flower Wax to form a protective and moisturizing barrier for your lashes to repair themselves.


Okay, here’s the fun part. The marketing for these primers is for them to be used under mascara to increase the effect of your results. If your mascara lengthens and volumizes, it will do so twice as much with a primer. The way this works is that primers contain a wax that fuses around each lash, making it thicker and longer. The mascara then coats these shielded lashes. You would get the same result but adding multiple layers of mascara.

The difference is that mascaras are not moisturizing or protecting formulas. Just like adding hair spray onto your head may stress the hairs out over time, mascara can cause the lashes to feel stifled. Coupled with most of us not removing mascara in the gentlest way possible and you’re seeing a lot of lashes falling out and/or weakening. Primers are like the leave-in treatment that helps protect your lashes from hair sprays and hot tools.

I love to use primers as part of my bedtime routine. I apply a layer on my lashes and go to sleep! This acts like a deep conditioning mask (or like a growth serum without the price tag) for your lashes. The vitamins and moisturizing agents get to work and the hairs get strengthened and softened so that they can naturally grow longer and stronger every day. An added bonus is that you can apply lash primers on your brows before bed as well for the same effects.

Now some of these primers stay white but others, like Volume Effet Faux Cils goes on pink but dries clear. That means that you won’t terrify whoever you’re sleeping alongside and also that you can wear it on its own in the daytime and not freak out your barista.

I’ve compiled my favorite mascara primers (in no particular order). These are the ones I trust and the prices span from $9 to $32.


The Best Primers



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Cover photo by Azamat Zhanisov.