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Ole Henriksen


My mother always had the most luxurious auburn hair. She would style it with hot rollers and plenty of mousse and hairspray. Now she sports a chic platinum bob that she spritzes with texturizing spray. She has always been a do-it-yourself diva - donning a plastic gown and using a two mirror system to make sure she was applying hair dye evenly on all of her strands.

Growing up seeing my mother meticulously grooming her strands made me eager to experiment with mine.

Ever the obedient child, I bided my time until my 18th birthday (the age that my mom would allow me to dye my hair for the first time). The shade I chose? A beautiful bright auburn.

We say in our bathroom - me in a plastic gown, my mom applying and brushing through the red dye. My virgin hair was light brown (unlike my mother’s dark brown) and the auburn ended up looking like a bright copper. I didn’t care - the brightness of my new locks were in complete contrast with what I thought was bland hair.

The next day, I strut into school with a new sense of being - a whole new identity.

I then continued dying my hair every single time I got bored or frustrated with anything in my life. Break up? Time to go platinum with extensions. Finishing college with no greater sense of direction than when I started? A dark cherry red shag might be in the cards.

Now, at the age of 30, I am finally ready to reintroduce myself to myself. I’m growing out the layers of dye stacked on even more layers of bleach to see what’s underneath. Will it be the same shade I thought was mousy back in high school? Maybe it will still boast that copper undertone that would make my brass a nightmare for going blonde. Perhaps there will be some gray to mark the wisdom I’ve received from years of being reckless.

As I’m rediscovering my natural hair, I’m also discovering myself - my resiliency and my hunger for adventure.

Resiliency is exactly what my hair has shown in the years that I’ve been subjecting it to box dye, hot tools, and striping shampoos. Thankfully, I didn’t have hair loss or permanent root damage but my looks have looked less hydrated and less smooth the more I’ve subjected them to. The products featured here were the only ones that helped me come out on top.

I hope they help you like they helped me.

All images courtesy of respective brands.



For A Cleanse

Nourishing Shampoo - $51

Long before natural and botanically derived beauty was a trend, Leonor Greyl was adding these derivatives to her haircare products. That’s why we featured her in our Female Founded series.

This shampoo contains silk proteins and carrot proteins to provide hair with the strengthening vitamins and keratin. Bamboo extracts also provide essential oils and lipids to hydrate and fortify hair strands. Invigorating horseradish and garlic extracts help invigorate the scalp by increasing circulation, leading to better hair growth and less hair loss.



For A Condition

Recovery Conditioner - $40

Since launching in 2017 Virtue has been making waves in the hair industry for their strides in improving formulations. The brand’s patented proprietary blend of Alpha Keratin 60ku is a lab synthesized human protein keratin. It was developed to severely wounded military soldiers in regenerating bone, tissue, and nerve damage.

Imagine the magic that this brings to your strands. Added to this formula is baobab seed oil and quinoa, which increase shine and smoothness in strands. Invigorating rosemary increases circulation in the scalp and helps clarify roots for healthy growing hair. Pea proteins are a natural thermal protectant to shield your strands from heated tools.



For A Treatment

Treatment Masque - $32

Hairstylist to the stars, Jen Atkin, started OUAI Haircare for the ultimate cool girl hair at an accessible price range. This masque gets all the gold stars we can possible give it. Directions say you can use it after shampooing but who has the patience to wait 5 - 10 minutes in the shower to rinse it out. Actually, hair will absorb the very first thing that’s on it when it gets wet. That’s why we recommend applying it to dry hair a good half hour to hour before your shower, throwing it up or in a cap, and going about your day. Hop in the shower and give it a good rinse followed by a gentle shampoo or co-wash.

The active ingredients in this champion include artichoke leaf extract, which seals the hair cuticles (the outer layer of each hair) to prevent split ends and damage. Tamarind seed extract is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to increase smoothness, shine, and hydration while strengthening the integrity of each hair. This masque used to come in individual packets but we love that it’s been repackaged in a tube - because just like us, no hair is identical.



For The Blondes

Bright Blonde Treatment - $58

Oribe Canales (RIP) was a hair god who created some of the most iconic looks in past decades so it makes sense that the Oribe product line is just as luxurious and impressive as its creator. This misting treatment can be used in lieu of conditioner 1 -2 times a week to nourish bleached or highlighted locks while fighting brassiness. It’s recommended that you rinse it out but you can also spritz extra on your ends and leave it in for an added hit of resilience.

Orchid flower extract and moringa oil smooth and soften hair while pea protein, rice extract, and artichoke strengthen each strand. Watermelon helps to hydrate while rosemary and ginger increases circulation to help hairs grow strong straight from the root. Additionally, the purple tone helps to decrease brassiness in blonde tones - scale back on the amount and frequency of use if you see your color getting too ashy. This product boasts Oribe’s signature product fragrance, which I love but it can be strong for some.



For Other Shades

Color Full Hair Mask - $62

Rahua is changing how we think of sustainability in beauty. The eponymous oil has been harvested and processed by an indigenous tribe in the Amazon for generations in a truly organic way. After a visit with this tribe, New York hairstylist Fabian Lliguin began experimenting with the oil he brought back. Then he partnered with his wife to launch Rahua in a bottle (or a full range of bottles).

Rahua oil itself has smaller molecules than other oils to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft - this allows it to heal and strengthen each strand from the outside in. The other oil added to this mask is morete, which is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to maintain scalp help and protect strands from UV rays. Amazonian clay helps fight brassiness without taking hair too far into ashy tones. Hibiscus is a floral that rounds out the protection artillery and adds shine. It bonds with gardenia, the other floral active in this mask, to give a light and intoxicating scent.



For Hot Ones

Protective Hair Fluid - $90

For decades, Sisley has elevated the way that we approach our skincare and I was psyched when they launched a haircare line last year. The sweetheart of the line - and a summer must-have - is this fluid. Mist it over your hair before you head outside or into a body of water so that it can protect your strands from UV rays, sea water, and/or chemicals in the pool. This is also going to protect you against your heated tool obsession, if you have one.

This is yet another product that boasts artichoke leaf extract in its formula to protect the integrity of each hair shaft. Cotton proteins strengthen the hair at a molecular level. A team of four oils () coat the hair to protect it from absorbing any extra water, chemicals, or UV rays. Finally, sunflower seed extract protects hair color, including highlights exposed to chlorine. The result is protected and soft hair that you can do laps with.



For The Scalp

Cleansing Purifying Scrub - $53

Christophe Robin, the hair colorist, knows what it takes to make your hair healthy in today’s world of hot tools and highlights. That makes Christophe Robin, the brand, a go-to range for protecting every single strand. This includes scalp care by using this scrub made from luxurious sea salt and sweet almond oil. These help balance the pH and oils on the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. A healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth, reducing hair loss and breakage.

These days it seems that there are two options - wash your hair every day, which strips your scalp of natural oils and causes overproduction of those same oils, or use a truckload of dry shampoo, which builds up around the base of each hair and clogs the hair follicles in the scalp. This scrub answers both of these concerns, breaking up any product buildup while also providing a gentle cleansing alternative to traditional shampoo. Swap out one of your weekly hair washed with this product and get ahead of any hair damage.


With so many products on the market for damaged hair, we know we missed a few good ones.

Drop your faves in the comment box!


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Cover photo by Tyler Nix.