#Lipstories: Cash Money

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If you’ve visited a Sephora lately you may have noticed the wall of colorful lipsticks from the brand’s #Lipstories collection. Each bullet is beautifully decorated with an image that is meant to illicit am emotion related to that specific shade. The packaging is very little plastic and mostly durable paper, making it a sustainable alternative to many lipsticks on the market.

A #Lipstories lipstick will be either matte, metallic, or creamy and we will be testing out a new one every week. Rankings will be given based on wearability, ease of application, and overall feel on the lips. Tune in every week to see our results!

This week I test-drove:

Cash Money

Photo courtesy of brand.

Photo courtesy of brand.


I’m slowly dipping into the sea of color in the #Lipstories range. I’ve been nervous about this since I started because wearing a dark green or blue lip is not something that we commonly see. That’s what I’m here for! I volunteered to try the full collection so that you can see the real pay off and wearability of all the shades in the range. Last week I pumped up my neutral palette with a neon pink shade (Twolips) with a matte finish. Wanna hear a secret? Bright pink lipstick is not outside of my day to day wheelhouse.

That’s why this week I wanted to choose a peacock green to really push outside of the color comfort zone.

If you don’t know what color peacock green, it’s this blue-toned green. Since I have golden tones in my skin, this cool-toned lip color was not flattering on me. What’s more is that the color stained my lips. When I tried to take it off it left behind a bluish tinge that made me look like a crime show victim.

Overall, I would say this is my least favorite of the #Lipstories that I’ve tried. Not only is the color a bit costume-y but the cream texture made it hard to get a defined lip line. I would recommend using a lipliner (or eyeliner) with this shade or applying with a brush. Speaking of applying - as I was putting it on, I thought that I could use this shade as an eyeshadow base but after seeing how it tinted my lips, I think I’ll keep exploring other ways to use this shade.

Do you have a way of repurposing your lipsticks? Comment below!

Check out my breakdown of Cash Money.

Color: Peacock green

Finish: Cream

Packaging: 100 dollar bills

Wearability: 1/5

Application: 2/5

Overall Feel: 3/5

Cover photo by Allie Smith.

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