#Lipstories: Twolips

Molton Brown (US)

If you’ve visited a Sephora lately you may have noticed the wall of colorful lipsticks from the brand’s #Lipstories collection. Each bullet is beautifully decorated with an image that is meant to illicit am emotion related to that specific shade. The packaging is very little plastic and mostly durable paper, making it a sustainable alternative to many lipsticks on the market.

A #Lipstories lipstick will be either matte, metallic, or creamy and we will be testing out a new one every week. Rankings will be given based on wearability, ease of application, and overall feel on the lips. Tune in every week to see our results!

This week I test-drove:


Photo courtesy of brand.

Photo courtesy of brand.


Since last week’s trial was surprisingly successful, I thought I would grab another fun shade to try. While I love bright lip, it can be intimidating for most people to wear. I’ve definitely done bright pink lipstick before but, I’m sad to say that this was not my favorite.

For the price, this neon pink lipstick is a steal but if you can invest in a luxury brand then I recommend you do.

The matte of this formula was comfortable but did not last long - it was gone by the time I got through my first cup of coffee. The application was also not the best straight of out the bullet. I would recommend using a lipstick brush or pairing the lip with a matching lipliner for precision. Overall, the shade was mega but the formulation wasn’t ideal. It’s still a good deal for $8.

Tune in next week - I think it’s time to get even more fun with color.

Check out my breakdown of Twolips below.

Color: Warm neon pink

Finish: Matte

Packaging: Pink tulips

Wearability: 3/5

Application: 3/5

Overall Feel: 3/5

Cover photo by Debby Hudson.