Change Your Skincare for Fall

Fall is here. PSLs, scarves, and layers. Also, dry AF skin that sometimes feels to tight for your face or peels off in gross flakes.

That’s okay! We got you, boo. Here’s how to morph your skincare routine into your shining knight. Just click on the images for the info.

Get you a rich eye cream this cuffing season.

The Cleanser

When the cold weather hits, skin gets offended. Skin that’s exposed to the elements feels increasingly sensitive. To avoid the scales and flakes that come with this season, invest in a more gentle cleanser. Cleansing milks or balms help melt makeup without stripping the skin of its necessary nutrients.

Also, don’t use hot water no matter how tempted you are. Seriously, STOP. It might feel good but your skin hates it. Promise.


The Serum

This is the perfect time for your hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Serums perpetrate the skin to aid in hydration and youthful appearance.

Avoid rough acids or starting a retinol around this time. It will make the redness and flaking worse.


The Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and shows any signs of stress. Whether it’s the dry weather, wind, rain, snow, or whatever else you’re facing this fall, your eyes will show it before any other part of your body. We recommend introducing an eye cream into your daily regimen in your early 30s but, when the seasons get colder, all bets are off.

Start slathering on the hydration.


The Moisturizer

Don’t be fooled by some of these moisturizers that say “lightweight” because they pack a heavy punch. The colder the weather, the richer the face cream.

What you’ll also notice is that all of these moisturizers have SPF 30+. Just because the sun doesn’t want to come out as much as it used to (hey Daylight Savings) doesn’t mean that harmful UV rays aren’t around to destroy your skin cells. Always wear SPF.


The Mask

A face mask is a necessity regardless of the season. If you need an extra bit of help with your flakes and dry patches, though, these are the ones you want in your arsenal.

These luxury moisture bombs will help you feel as if you’re wearing a blanket of cashmere over your skin. Slather any extra on your hands and cuticles because we all know those fuckers get dry, too.


The Overtime Hero

We live with Skin Food in our makeup bags/carry ons/existences. This is the hero we always knew we needed but didn’t know where to find. A thick salve that is perfect for parched skin. Add a little to the high points of your face for a highlighted glow the rest of the time.

We literally don’t fly without a tube of this in our bags.

Because planes are gross.


Now you don’t have to hide or hibernate.


Cover photo by Jakob Owens.