Jeremy Scott Proves Matte Lips Are Over

Do you know Jeremy Scott? He is the creative director of Moschino as well as the owner of his eponymous label. Remember when Moschino started using Windex bottles as cross body bags and teddy bears as phone cases? That’s Scott.

Now, it’s time for a bold statement: Jeremy Scott is basically the Andy Warhol of fashion. There it is; I stand by it. So it’s obvious that Scott would be on the cusp of what is popular in culture and the creator of mega-trends.

That’s why I was so relieved to see that he didn’t go the route of the most lived in trend in recent years: the matte lip. I’m so over the matte lip, people. The key artist for the Scott’s SS19 show at NYFW was Kabuki, which means that this was gonna get avant-garde AF and not just a glossy lip.

Instead, the maven artist foiled the models’ lips in a metallic coat and kept the rest of the face bare and fresh. LOVE.


Just so we’re clear, you don’t need to be a pro makeup artist to get this look. In fact, there are brands that have already prepared for this trend and are making killer products to mimic it.

Here are the ones we’ve taken for a test drive and permanently added to our makeup bags:

Touch In Sol

Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo

Not only is this amazing formula long lasting but it also gives you the option to decide if you want a subtle metal foil on your lips or a glitter explosion.


Milk Makeup

Lip Metal

Is there anything that Milk can’t do? Their entire business model is to make products for women on the go. If you are low maintenance but want that Kabuki magic, grab this lip.


Tom Ford

Soleil Lip Foil

This is the most luxurious lip of the bunch and also the most subtle. If the full on foil look is too much for your day to day, I would definitely recommend this option for wearing on it’s own or layering over other shades.


Okay okay, I know this list is pretty limited but I’m telling you RN that this is gonna be the newest trend.

Jeremy Scott and Kabuki say so.

Cover photo by Nikolai Chernichenko.