Do You Know LANEIGE?

There’s a feeling that LANEIGE is like a wave in the ocean, it keeps popping up and then humbly take a step into the background. We were curious to see what this brand was all about. It wasn’t until we tried the products that we realized that this Korean brand doesn’t need hyped up advertising or gimmicks, it’s products are just straight up quality.

Puns totally intended because the entire brand is created using Water Science which uses mineral water as a carrier for the active ingredients that can help hydrate, anti-age, or purify the skin.

Here are our top picks, if you want to dip a toe in:


The Kisser

As the seasons begin to change, you might found a chap situation happening on that pout. This lip mask will nix those problems immediately. Slather it on before bed and wake up looking more refreshed than a Disney princess.


The Gentle Soul

This calming moisturizer uses Deep Sea Water and Lychee Peel Extract to hydrate the most sensitive skin without irritating it. Even better? The formula is a mousse so you can feel luxurious AF.


The Time Machine

We love a sleep mask. Put this on, go to bed, and wake up looking younger. This is literally like getting a six pack while sitting on the couch. If your looking for anti-aging without the burn of retinol, this mask is it.


The Hydrator

A water gel? Wha?

This is not only one of the most moisturizing items on the market but it also has a cooling effect. Pop it in your fridge to bring down any inflammation or redness.


Now to get the rest of our lives in order…


Cover photo by Jong Marshes.