Luxury Bath 101

We all know there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and just letting your body relax. If I’m ever stressed/tired/angry/sad, I immediately take a bath. For Oprah (and others), it’s a hobby, for me it’s therapy. I don’t just take a bath though…I take a bath.

My ideal setting is a few of my favorite candles, something earthy with some florals, with the lights off. Some mellow bubble bath poured into the tub as it fills with hot water. Pro tip: put some body oil into the water as the tub fills to add an extra layer of luxury. You can also add free flower blooms or citrus slices to float in the water. Finally, a true bath wouldn’t be complete without an amazing playlist. Mine is a heavy rotation of neo-soul experimental jazz.

Here are my necessities.

The Candle

Sonos One

The Playlist


BRB. Buying a neck pillow.