Went Blonde? These Are The Products You Need

Have you ever had the impulse to pull off a drastic hair color change? I have one every six months which is why I’ve been every hair color in the drugstore aisle. Most recently, I went from bright auburn to bleached blonde. This was trés hot mess as my hair immediately turned orange.

This is what happens when hair stops being polite and gets real.

Oribe - Bright Blonde Shampoo

This is the Rolls Royce of blonde shampoos and the best when you need something that tones and hydrates. The Oribe Signature Complex fixes any damage and protects strands from the bleach burn. This formula also boasts pure violet pigment, reflective pearl, and a brightening complex to make sure your blonde is its blondest. Pair it with it’s matching conditioner and you pretty much can kiss brass goodbye.

IGK - Mixed Feelings

This is a genius product that allows you to tone your blonde the way you want to using the products you have. The purple liquid comes out in drops by pushing the bottom of the bottle. You can use a few drops in your leave-in products or double that amount in your regular shampoo and conditioners. When I decided to go blonde on my own, I literally ran this through my strands in its regular form and it brought out the orange in my roots like whoa.

Davines - OI All In One Milk

Looking for a leave-in treatment to give you the softest strands after you’ve burned them off with bleach? The oil from an Amazonian super fruit called Roucou allows you to not only heal but practically reverse damage. Add your IGK Mixed Feelings and watch yourself turn into a natural blonde (basically). Bonus: Davines practices sustainable beauty as part of its mission.

OUAI - Treatment Masque

I. Literally. Cannot. This is the best treatment mask I have tried in recent memory. It’s also the chicest. Celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin created this amazing treatment without sulfates, phthalates, or parabens. No animal testing and a smell that’s fresh AF. I went to dinner with friends after doing this mask recently and totally ignored all of them because I kept catching a whiff of my hair and getting distracted.

Olaplex - Hair Perfector No. 3

How was Olaplex not going to make the list?? This holy grail of hair treatments will literally save your locks lives if you decide to go platinum. If you are going blonde at home with bleach, you will definitely need this bad boy to make sure your hair stays alive and attached at the root.

I mean…