Starskin Magic Hour


If you’ve never used a sheet mask then odds are that you at least know someone who swears by sheets masks. The fan base is strong with the nutrient-rich self care routine and scientists are in labs, as we speak, trying to revolutionize the sheet mask. There are now products for pregnant women’s growing bumps to moisturize and reduce the likelihood of stretch marks. There are even sheet masks for hair and scalp.

Let me ask you this, have you seen the masks for your feet? It used to be that people would slather product from a tub or tube onto their little piglets before bed and then have to sleep in socks for it to work. Those of us that are part of the cult of regular pedicures are familiar with the sensation of having your calluses buffed by your nail lady while you possibly suppress giggles. Personally, I am so ticklish that the woman the does my pedicures has to be agile enough to dodge the end of my twitchy 34" inseam flying at her head.

So when I received Magic Hour™ Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks from Starskin in the mail, I was ecstatic to try this technology.


The packet comes with two booties that are connected together. Once you cut them apart, the seams open so that you can slip each foot into a bootie. The acid blend is meant to give your feet a chemical exfoliation to soften any calluses or roughness and remove dead skin over time. Sage and rosemary purify and renew your skin calls while calendula, marine algae, and rapeseed soften skin.

My first impression is that this blend of active ingredients smells terrible. It’s then that I realize the one of the primary ingredients is alcohol. The combination of alcohol with lactic acid made this a product that was less than appealing to have on my feet for an hour. The results I was hoping for were the reasons for my holding on for as long as I did. Although I will say that wearing those booties was cushioned and comfortable.

I won’t show you a picture of the results but let’s say that it was less than desirable. My pedicure was completely eviscerated. and the softer parts of my feet (tops and bottoms of my arms) felt dry and uncomfortable. That feeling faded by the next day but my calluses did not. Unfortunately, day after day passed and nothing happened. My skin did not start peeling off and my calluses and rough heels didn’t soften.

I admit I didn’t soak my feet before slipping on the mask so it may be that the active ingredients didn’t penetrate my skin as it should have. I also didn’t scrub or soak my feet at any time after the mask came off. Would I do this again? Maybe. I got it for free but originally it costs $15 for one mask set. TBH, I’m too low maintenance for any steps aside from slipping booties on, sitting back with a Vogue mag, and letting the acids do their business.

Have you tried foot masks? What were your thoughts? Let us know below!



Cover photo by Imani Clovis.

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