Davines OI All In One Milk


We recently wrote about companies that are focused on a sustainable and environmentally conscious way of making products. It was no surprise that Davines made the list. The brand, which was launched in Italy in 1993, focused on bringing luxury hair products to market in thoughtful way. They do so by using solar, wind, and water energy to power their plants and reduce carbon emissions. Their ingredients are also sustainably sourced and natural.

The best part is that they work.

The hair and body products from Davines have some sexy eco-packaging that holds nourishing and restorative ingredients. The result is soft and strong hair and skin. Perfect for the soft and strong person using it. There are several collections in the line, all with chic names, such as Your Hair Assistant which promises to give you salon blow out results at home. Another is The Circle Chronicles, individual pouches of targeted hair treatments in las form.

We’re focusing on OI. The star here is Roucou oil, the active ingredient in the entire collection. This oil is extracted from a tree found in parts of Mexico and South America and functions as a natural antioxidant. Okay but what does it do for my hair? It helps protect hair from UV rays and free radicals. It also boosts color and provides a glossy finish while hydrating and repairing each hair. The result is the sleekest and smoothest (not to mention healthiest) hair of your life. Oh and you’re helping the world by supporting an eco-friendly company.


Let me introduce you to the power player of the line: Oi All In One Milk ($17 - $34). Working as a leave-in treatment, you spritz this onto your damp hair after washing and conditioning. Brush it through and then go about your usual routine. For me, that’s always air drying; not because it’s better but because I can’t be bothered TBH. I guarantee you that you will feel a difference in your hair after the first try.

This is one of those products that I’ve used before and decided to take a break from in order to try something new. To this day, I have yet to find something that has given me better results. My hair is color treated, damaged, and fried (even with air drying). Aside from getting a haircut, this is the one way to get my hair looking and feeling healthy (even those fried ends). Most recently I went dark after having bleached my hair for over a year. This was the product I needed to revisit to stop my mane from feeling like dead grass.


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Cover photo by averie woodard.