The Best Lip Plumping Product

Recently, I did the unthinkable: I forgot my makeup bag at home. I was supposed to be going to dinner from the office and didn’t have anything to touch up my pale and dry pout. I wasn’t about to go to a department store or Sephora because I knew I would get mesmerized and forget who I was or where I live.

I swung by my local Walgreens and grabbed the first lip product that caught my eye, which I think attracted me because it was reminiscent of my favorite Clarins Lip Perfector.

Joke’s on me because this Revlon Plumping Lip Creme is literally my new favorite product. I’m not kidding, I immediately went back the next day and got the rest of the shades in the range.


Why it’s amazing

The shades: this collection is a range of perfect nudes to give your lips a soft flush of color and shine. There is a shade for people of every skin tone to find their perfect nude or go for a wash of subtle color.

The formulation: while other lip plumping products add pepper to irritate the skin, this product contains menthol for a cooling sensation and hylauronic acid for hydration. The heavy hitter is Volulip™, which is synthesized from plants to hydrate the lips in real time and help regenerate your lips plumpness over time. Basically, this is an anti-aging formula (will update you on how it stands up to the test of time).

The price: you can find these lip cremes are your local Walgreens or Ulta (or their online stores, linked) for under $10 a tube.


Bonus: no gloopy stickiness (technical term).

Cover photo by Anna Sastre.