Halloween Makeup

We have a full year to think of what to dress up as for Halloween and somehow we always leave it to the last minute. Some of us are being dragged to a costume party that we don’t want to go to. Maybe we just don’t give a damn/are too lazy/don’t want to dress up. 

Thats when pop culture and your own closet helps. Grab something from you makeup bag to complete the look and voila. Here are some last minute looks and the products you’ll need to recreate them. 

Dont let the haters get you down.  


Lou from Ocean’s 8

Played by the ever badass Cate Blanchett, Lou is a character that remembers the rock and roll days and doesn’t let life get her down. She owns her own club and is an entrepreneurial (albeit not totally honest) businesswoman. Hey, she’s a con artist. We just didn’t know that one of the perks of the job was looking so chic.

To be Lou: throw on a blazer (preferably velvet), add a skinny scarf or tie, and finish with a smokey rock and roll eye using Ombre Blackstar from by Terry


Ally from A Star Is Born

For Lady Gaga’s big screen debut she stepped into a character that is so stripped and raw that even she wasn’t comfortable remaining brunette after shooting wrapped. Ally is the every girl who happens to have an amazing talent. The best news for your costume? It’s very low maintenance.

To be Ally: grab a leather jacket, bring a toy guitar, and make sure you have a perfect skin base for the “no makeup makeup” look. We vote for Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue.


Ruth from GLOW

Alison Brie plays Ruth Wilder in GLOW who plays Zoya the Destroya in the ring. Act-ception, much? The fact remains that women are badass and imperfect at the same time. That’s why we’re so amazing, as Ruth proves. While the other looks so far have been a natural enhancement on an every day look, this is where we elevate.

To be Ruth aka ZOYA: get a leotard or hack your romper, tease your hair, and grab a black metallic lipstick that you can use on your lips and eyes. Our fave is Vice Lipstick in Voodoo from Urban Decay.


Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In this sinister reboot of a classic sitcom, Sabrina sports a youthful look with a light red lip stain that she amps up when she is out doing her witching. Kiernan Shipka, who plays the titular character, is no stranger to playing with beauty. The teen works a red carpet just like her character works a peter pan collar and we can’t stop fangirling.

To be Sabrina: grab your favorite LBD, slide on a headband, and apply a red stain that will last you through the witching hour. We always reach for Lip Maestro in 402 from Giorgio Armani.


Annie from Maniac

If you haven’t heard, Emma Stone is our ultimate girl crush. In her new show, she plays Annie who’s not doing so great. She enters a drug trial to feed a habit and ends up with a total existence change. If you haven’t watched it yet, catch it on Netflix. The plot twist? Emma actually plays multiple characters.

To be Annie: throw on a tench coat with a great pair of jeans and keep your makeup fresh. Add bold brows with Tinted Brow Gel from Anastasia.

Bonus: You can be any other Emma Stone character from Maniac using our guide.



Cover photo by Brooke Cagle.