Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Have you ever looked at your makeup in the mirror and been like, “I look hot AF” just to realize later that you look cross eyed in photos? Our perception of reality is totally skewed with social media these days but at least it will help you identify your eye type and live your best you.

Maybe your eyes appear too close together or you have a hooded lid that totally negates all of that smokey eye blending you do. Here is your definitive guide for eye types and makeup applications to optimize your beauty and downsize your complexes.

Wide Set Eyes


So you look like Kate Moss. Life could be worse! One of the world’s most famous models has wide set eyes, appearing like there is more skin showing between her peepers than her temples.

If you want to close that gap slightly and anchor your eyes closer to the center, all you have to do is add a medium darkness shade on the inner part of your eyelid. Add a light color in the middle and then the darkest color on the outside of the lid (but go light on this last bit). We would also recommend you go for matte, like our girl Kate.

Try: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 226 Tisse Rivoli


Close Set Eyes


You look like Cameron! You probably have her dazzling smile and humor, too. Stop being modest, we know you do!

If the area between your eyes is smaller than the spaces of your temples then you may feel that you want to “shift” your eyes over. This is where makeup can help the illusion. You want to focus the lightest color of shadow from the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the middle. Add a dramatic dark shadow at the outer edges of your lid and voila! For this trick, you’re going to find that shimmer is your bestie.

Try: Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Uptown Girl


Hooded Eyes


You are making the most glamorous and sexy smokey eye. You apply shadow and blend on your eyelid. Voila! You open your eye and …the shadow is gone?

Such is the plight of women with hooded eyes. The skin below the eyebrow comes down over your eyelids a little more than usual and you find that nailing a winged liner or a smokey eye or any look really is a pain in the ass.

Well you’re not alone. In fact you’re in good company. Gisele Bündchen (aka the highest paid model up until a year ago) also has a hooded eye and she knows the trick to getting the perfect eye makeup with her eye shape is to bring the color up halfway (or more) to the brow bone. Secure your eyeshadow with a primer so that there isn’t any of that pesky creasing. When you open your eyes you got that killer smoke, babe.

Try: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Monolid Eyes


Monolid eye shapes are similar to hooded eyes except that the eyelid is almost entirely not visible when the eyes are open. What is most visible is the space between the brows and lashes. Though not restricted to only Asians, this eye shape is the most common within the ethnic group.

Though superstar Awkwafina doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, she knows how to bring it for a red carpet. You’ll notice that she used the same eyeshadow trick as Gisele (above) but added even more drama with lashes. By applying clusters of lashes, those with monolids are able to creatively place the exact amount of extra lashes they want in the exact spots to add drama. Doing so with the eye open and looking slightly down will help with placement.

Try: KISS Ever EZ Trio Lashes


Almond Eyes


This is considered the most symmetrical and universal eye shapes. Those with almond eyes, like our Queen Bey, can rock any makeup look. Literally, the rules are there aren’t any rules for you, babe!

Try: Natasha Denona Gold Eyeshadow Palette


Cover photo by Yuri Levin.