Makeup For Your Eye Color

Do you remember the magical Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra? Her luxurious eye makeup with its avant-garde edges and colors. Miss. Taylor did her own makeup on set and it was seductive to both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then stop reading right now and watch Cleopatra.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and deserve the most flattering drapes to accessorize with. Now we’re not ones to abide by rules, especially makeup rules, and believe you should rock whatever you feel comfortable with. That’s why we prefer to think of these as guidelines pulled straight from color theory.

Complimentary colors are most flattering when paired and can be found across from each other on the color wheel. This is how to figure out what colors are best for your eyes. Peep our cheat sheet below.

Blue Eyes

Opposite of blue on the color wheel, you will find lots of yellows and oranges. This applies when you are looking for eyeshadows to make blue eyes stand out.

Opt for orange hues or go to the metallic side with bronzes and coppers. If Cara Delevingne’s look is too full impact for you, then go for a gentle sweep of a subtle peach tone and work your way up to more pigmented shades.

Try: HUDA Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz


Green Eyes


You know we love our girl, Emma Stone here at JL Beauty. Well her green peepers are always on fleek with her daring experimentation with eyeshadows. Whether it’s a smokey liner situation or added glitter like we see here at the Venice Film Festival, we see her killing the game.

For those of your lovelies with green eyes, you’ll want to venture into the purple and red territories of eyeshadow. RED?! Okay maybe don’t start there if you’re new to color. As witnessed above, Emma is killing the purple game with a soft wash of lavender shadow with glitter.

Just do us a favor if you go bold and don’t put red lipstick on your eyelids. It will stain the skin - trust us, we’ve been there.

Try: NARS Quad Eyeshadow in Pulp Fiction


Brown Eyes


Brown eyes are the most versatile of all of the eye colors. This is because they have the tones of so many colors on the color wheel (pretty much all of them) so any color will look good on our brown eyed girls.

We recommend a simple eyeliner if you want a classy daytime look and then - POW - pop of color like our #WCE Tracee Ellis Ross. Whatever interpretation of you that you want to be, own that shit henny.

Try: Christian Louboutin Metallic Eye Color in Carnelian


Hazel Eyes


Hazel eyes can be sultry and/or fun, like RiRi has proven time and time again. For ladies with this eye color, treat yoself to some gold or green metallic shades. Since hazel eyes can look as if they have gold flecks already living in your soul, bring that out by a highly pigmented metallic eyeshadow.

Sparkle on, babe.

Try: FENTY Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife


Remember, while these are guidelines there are no hard or fast rules on you owning your shit.

Cover photo by Marina Vitale.