Get The Look(s): Emma Stone, Maniac Edition

If you haven’t binge watched Maniac on Netflix yet then park your ass in front of a screen and do it ASAP. JK but you probably should give the show a try. Not only does it reunite Emma Stone and Jonah Hill for the first time since Superbad but it’s an amazing story about the human condition.

Set in a retro-future New York City, Emma and Jonah play main characters who undergo a drug trial where things go haywire and they end up playing multiple characters each. Not only does our girl Emma nail it on the acting but we have to talk about her beauty looks.

While we don’t know the exact products used on Emma, the ones recommended are all NARS. This is because the actress’s personal makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, is the Director of Pro Artistry for the brand.

Whether you are trying to do a Halloween look or just need some new inspo to update your look, peep these faces and see what you’ll need to proceed.

Everything about “Lin” screams 80s, which is probably why she wears heavy makeup on both her eyes and her lips. The most notable element is that lipliner, shades darker than her actual lipstick. Go full on as is, blend the liner into your lip color to minimize the size of lips, or just shade in the edges of your lips for a pout. The most universal product for this is going to be Precision Lip Liner in Spunk.

Finish the look with a strong eye using NARSissist Loaded, some rosy cheeks with, and lots of hairspray.


There is nothing quite as tried and true as a classic pinup look, as Arlie the con artist shows. For the most vibrant red lip possible, go for Dragon Girl from NARS. For the base, create a flawless complexion with a matte finish using the Velvet Matte Foundation Stick and define brows with a fine pencil for the perfect arch. Pile on the mascara (we currently love Climax by NARS) or add more drama with a strip of falsies like those from.


For her elven character, Emma sports a strong smokey eye. While the actress may have hated playing the role of Annia, we love her badass smudgy makeup. Achieve this sultry eye with a long lasting but blendable liner like Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto. Add more dimension using Hardwired Eyeshadow in Night Breed and leave the rest of the look neutral.

Optional: bow and arrow.


This final look shows Emma as a covert operative named who needs to help Jonah escape from a tricky situation. Between her power suit and awesome fight moves, she owns the fact that she is a woman and she is a boss. Her makeup echoes that with a muted professional appearance and a badass lip.

If you’re nervous about jumping into a red lip then this is the perfect look for you to mimic. Using Matte Multiple in Siam to get the spy’s stained pout is subtle yet effective. The best part of this product is that you can use it as a lip, cheek, and even eye color, in case you decide to go full Braveheart.


Cover photo by Sandro Katalina.