Foundations That Look Like Skin

Everyone has had that moment in the afternoon where your full coverage foundation has started migrating. The thicker formula settles around in your fine lines near your eyes or mouth. As your skin dries or gets oilier, depending on your type, that foundation becomes your best frenemy.

My solution to this is to use amazing skincare to treat and prep my skin for makeup. Then I use a lighter coverage foundation on my whole face and a concealer in areas where I need more coverage. I also get oily in my T-zone so I go ahead and powder that area so my makeup stays put. 

There are a few foundations that have the perfect amount of coverage for that natural look that will stay in place. These are the ones in my rotation. 


NARS Sheer Glow, $47

This is my go-to foundation for buildable coverage, as you may have guessed since it has appeared in a few tutorials of mine. This coverage can be thinned out with moisturizer or layered until it is full coverage. You can put it on with your hands or a damp sponge for that youthful second skin. If you do end up wanting fuller coverage, apply this with a buffing or kabuki brush.

I use a pea-sized amount of this product for my whole face and neck, mixed with an illuminating primer. 


Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, $66

This water-based foundation is hydrating to give your skin that dewy glow. The unique formula also contains a blend of jojoba oil, shea butter and olive squalane. The latter which is produced in our bodies to keep skin hydrated but its production decreases over time. This leads to fine lines or wrinkles. This formula can be used on all skin types but I recommend it for drier skin, as that type is more prone to fine lines standing out. This product will blur the eff out of those and hydrate that parched skin. 

It isn't the thickest consistency so, if you're on the go, grab this foundation in a compact version


Sisley Photo Teint Éclat, $122

Sisley is my true love. This brand's skincare is incredibly effective in aging you backwards. So it's no surprise that items from their cosmetics range is in every celebrity makeup artist's kit. The Expert full coverage foundation gives my skin an airbrushed appearance by reflecting light for a long lasting wear. 

Sometimes, though, you don't want to look airbrushed. You just want your skin to look healthy on its own. Enter the Éclat formula which is extremely lightweight. Floral extracts protect and nurture the skin while you sit back and smile knowingly while you get compliments on your glowing complexion.


MAC Face and Body, $29

The OG natural looking foundation. I have used this on my face and on my legs. Stay with me on this. This foundation is water-based and super lightweight but can give you enough coverage to conceal any discoloration you have from scars. What? Yes. Some darker blemishes will still need a concealer on top for full coverage but this foundation gives you the perfect dewy canvas to do a beautifully natural look. 

Remember all those "no makeup" makeup looks we saw on the runways in 2017? Steal that look with this product. Add a bright red lip, some mascara, and you are ready for that Tinder date. Even if he takes you "swimming on the first date".*

*P.S. If you end up on a date with a tool like this, run. Run far. At least this foundation won't melt off.

Clinique Even Better Makeup, $28

So many of my greatest discoveries come from samples or subscriptions boxes. This is one of those discoveries. I have always loved Clinique as a skincare brand but I never thought of them as a power player in the color cosmetics industry. Well that's all changing.

Clinique is busting into the makeup category with guns blazing. Staying true to their philosophy of prevention and care rather than coverage and concealment, their makeup is light and airy. This foundation can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer or worn on its own. Either way, pair it with the brand's eponymous skincare line and, soon, you probably won't even need makeup. But it's nice to have. 

Here's to you, you natural beauty.