Illuminating Primers - What? Why?

In the words of Kanye, illuminating primers are the best of all time, OF ALL TIME! I'm paraphrasing, of course. 

Hold up, rewind. What even is an illuminating primer? 

Primers are what you apply after your moisturizer but before your makeup. They act as barriers to lock in the serums and moisturizers you've put on your face and keep your makeup lasting longer throughout the day. It essentially "primes" the canvas of your face so that your skin is blocked from the pore clogging makeup and said makeup goes on smoother.

Different primers have different tasks. Some are mattifying to fight shine on the skin, some are hydrating to add moisture to drier skin types, and some... are illuminating. 

Illuminating primers have a shimmer to their formula. They can come from many ingredients made in a lab or thing like gold flakes or crushed up diamonds (not kidding)! 

These primers act to add a healthy sheen to the skin, making it look youthful and glowing. When done right, these primers don't increase the shine from oiliness but diffuse the light hitting the face so that it looks like you're airbrushed IRL. 

I love a good illuminating primer to use on clients (the models at NYFW put their faces through so many shows that I don't know how they have faces left) and on myself when my skin needs a healthy boost. Check out my favorite illuminating primers that are on the market right now.