Food and Drink for Good Skin

As I sit and sip on my Matcha Green T-Power from Earthbar and eat my vegan, gluten-free snack bar, I can't help but wonder, "wtf even is spirulina". Let's be real, there are so many ingredients that we're bombarded with as "superfoods" but how many of us actually know what they are and how they impact our bodies? 

When I used to run marathons, I would eat a strictly gluten-free and vegetarian diet. I felt great, I had so much energy, and I was a nightmare at restaurants ("can I have that without the croutons and oil and vinegar on the side? Thanks). #nightmare

I'm not knocking anyone who lives that lifestyle but y'all know how hard it is to go to a steakhouse with omnivore friends.

In June, I moved to LA, met an omnivore and gave up on restricting anything from my diet. Guess what? My skin changed.

Gone were the days of no breakouts and even complexion. So I dove into the archives (read: internet) to see what I can find out about ingredients that are good for your skin when you ingest them. I know dairy causes inflammation and breakouts. 

This isn't a post about what to avoid for good skin. This is a post of what research has shown as helping skin be it's best self. Need an expert? Talk to your derm. I am no expert, I'm just trying to balance a green juice in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. 

red wine

Obviously you know I had to put this one first. I love all wine but the one that has a special place in my heart is red, especially a spicy South American Cabernet but I digress.

Red wine contains antioxidants, specifically flavonoid, resveratrol and tannin which have been proven to restore collagen, helping you fight your wrinkles and fine lines. Beware though, drinking too much wine and not enough water will cause your skin to be dehydrated and may actually emphasize the look of your wrinkles and fine lines. 

For those that prefer the external approach to skincare, you can always sign up for a red wine bath at your local spa. 


Looking for more reasons to justify your pricey #avotoast habit? Avocados contain healthy fats, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and carotenoids all of which play a part in thickening the skin barrier to protect from UV rays and free radicals. To find out exactly what all of that means, check out my post on how certain vitamins function to help the skin.

 While avocados are very good for your skin and your health, too many may cause your eyes to pop out from the caloric intake. You can always save the extras for a skin and hair mask, like Kim K.

Aloe juice

You may know aloe as the superhero plant that helps you heal your skin after you pass out on the beach in Cabo with your 4th margarita in hand. Just me? Okay. 

Aloe juice, when added to your smoothie or juice, is almost tasteless and has incredible anti-inflammatory qualities. This allows your body to be hydrated, your liver to cleanse out toxins from your body properly, and to help digestion. When your body is successfully flushing out toxins then you get less acne erupting from your skin.

This supplement is good to keep cleanse your body and keep your poo moving. (I probably should talk about poo on a beauty website but what the hey). As a skin supplement directly? Stick to the topical gel and, next time, put it on before you hit la playa. 


Another amazing anti-inflammatory addition to your food and drinks can come in the form of turmeric. It has antioxidant properties to help fight your exposure to free radicals and it's spice factor can lead to boosting metabolism. When I used to run marathons, I would mix a little in some tart cherry juice (another anti-inflammatory) and down it in the form of a shot twice a day. My running injuries recovered quickly and my skin was glowin. Hmm...I should probably revisit this version of myself.

Turmeric is also another ingredient that can be made into a topical face mask by mixing it with some cold pressed coconut oil. In addition to soothing any blemishes, turmeric also acts to even out skin tone to help brighten your age spots or help prevent age spots from setting in from increased exposure to sunlight. 

I'm off to make some avo toast with turmeric with a glass of red wine and an aloe juice chaser. kthxbye