2018 Beauty Launches to Love

It's a new year and it's time for new and innovative products. Hair sheets? Sure! Glowing skin? Please. The newest trends are all about boosting your natural self and feeling your best, on the go, low maintenance-style.

Bye bye contour and hello glow. Here we go! 

(I'll stop rhyming now)


Powerful Strength Line Reducing Serum

This serum may seem familiar to you but it's now packed with even more Vitamin C and hylauronic acid to help you fight pollution and free radicals while plumping your fine lines and wrinkles. I recommend using this once a day, at night, to start and see how you react. To read my post on vitamins in skincare and how they work, click here.


Brightening Youth Glow Primer

Charlotte's products are exceeding expectations left and right. This primer is no exception. I mix it with my foundation for an airbrushed looking skin. Sometimes, when I can't be bothered, I will put this primer on my face on its own, add some mascara and balm on my cheeks and lips and I'm ready to go. 


Banana Bright

I love Ole Henriksen and I have wicked dark circles so this is a match made in heaven. It brightens me up while providing antioxidants and hydration to my tired undereyes and their fine line friends. I'll mix this with a lighter concealer and apply, then go over with a concealer closer to my skintone so it just looks like I have perfect skin. #hacked


Poudre a Levres - Lip Balm and Powder

Let's talk innovation because Chanel is doing just that. You can wear this balm on its own or top it with the lip powder to give your pout a stained/flushed look. You can also add the powder over any lipstick or balm to add dimension and mattify any lip product.


Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

NARS products already last a long time so it's a hefty order that this one lasts for 16 hours without getting cakey. Are you going to work early then going to happy hour, a Tinder date, and then after-party drinks without wanting to touch up your natural, glowy looking second skin? This foundation is for you.


Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Jen Atkin and her team are killing it again! Paraben-free. Cruelty-free. Natural ingredients and beautiful smells. Plus, can you handle this packaging? I can't. Love this brand and love this product. Now I don't have to keep rubbing Bounce dryer sheets on my scalp. 


Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets

Okay, this may have officially launched at the end of 2017 but the trend of sheets for haircare is a totally 2018 trend. I obviously prefer this method instead of the spray stuff. 1. It's easier to take on the go. 2. It absorbs oil without causing product build up on the scalp. 


Magnetic Lashes

After hearing about magnetic lashes for the longest time you can now try them from your local drugstore at an affordable price. Ardell is one of my favorite lash brands and I love that they are dipping into this type of lash. Pictured here in the double wispies (my personal favorite).


What launches are you excited about? Share your thoughts with me if there was something I've left out that I totally should know about.