Glossier Solution

I have to say that I was truly #blessed in my tween and teen years. Other than the occasional zit when I got my period, my skin was clear and smooth. 

Then I hit 25 and my hormones decided that they were going to rebel. Idk if it was because I was getting into baby-making years or what but my skin exploded. I started to get oil production where I'd never had it before, leading to clogged pores. Then came the acne. 

Not the satisfying kind of whiteheads that you can pop (but you shouldn't) for instant gratification. No. The kind that lives in the deeper layers of skin and just makes the texture of your face look bumpy AF.

I tried my usual drugstore creams but nothing worked. Proactiv? Nah. So I went to the derm. After looking at my chin and cheeks through a magnifying glass, he confirmed it: cystic acne.

He wrote me a prescription that I used until I ran out, moved to LA, and didn't get a refill on. Oops. 

Then this came in the mail.


Granted, it didn't look like that when it arrived. I was too excited about getting a skincare product in the mail that I ripped it open like a Christmas present. You know exactly what I'm talking about. 

My favorite part about it, initially, was that the dispenser is a pump. It looked like the kind that your manicurist uses for easy acetone pick up. Easy peasy. I plopped it on my bathroom vanity and got to work.

You can get the Glossier cotton pads but I stock up from  Koh Gen Do .

You can get the Glossier cotton pads but I stock up from Koh Gen Do.


The formula contains Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy, and Polyhydroxy Acids, which are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and powerful enough to exfoliate away the dirt, dead skin, and pollutants that are causing breakouts. Calming aloe also acts to soothe skin after the exfoliation.

But would it work on my stubborn (hidden) acne? 


The Verdict


Abso-fricken-lutely. After just two weeks of using this product, I have noticed less texture around my hairline and chin. I'm also starting to see my skin get more balanced and my blackheads have totally decreased.

Now my skin is sensitive, which leads to a lot of reactions when I try new products. (I do it for the fans). Even though the directions say to use it every day, I started using the Solution every other night before bed. I'd follow with my serum and moisturizer. By the start of week two, I had upgraded to every night before bed.

I've already ordered another bottle of the stuff, even though I'm not halfway done with my current one. I have a-ways to go to get that perfect skin but I'm already doing better than I was.

This shit works. Period. 

Glossier Solution, $24