These Were The Best Makeup Looks at The SAG Awards

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards were yesterday and Kristen Bell knocked it out of the park being the show's first host ever. 

Not only did the actors at the awards continue the conversation about equality in the workplace, they also did it while looking chic AF. Here are the top makeup looks of the SAG Awards and the makeup artist heroes that made it happen.

Because equality means that a human being of any race, gender, or sexual orientation can demand equal pay and equal rights while also looking fabulous and confident. 



Allison Janney

The Artist: Collier Strong

Try: YSL Touche Éclat


Millie Bobby Brown

The Artist: Gianpaolo Ceciliato

Try: Cover FX Glitter Drops in Aurora


Allison Williams

The Artist: Kelsey Deenihan

Try: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Olivia


Madeline Brewer

The Artist: Jenna Kristina Tucker

Try: Morange by MAC


Stay classy and sassy, babe.

*The products listed are recommended by me to dupe these looks. They are not the products used by the artists.