That Time I Decided to Put Champagne In My Hair

The story goes that Rachel Katzman was celebrating her 21st birthday in Las Vegas when she was doused by champagne. When she woke up the next morning, her hair was reborn from a fried mess to the soft tresses you see in commercials. That was the inspiration that led her to launch Cuvée Beauty


The brand's travel kit comes with shampoo, champagne spray, and styling balm.

A few years ago, when the brand first launched, I knew I had to give these products a try. Now I don't usually review products that I haven't been using for awhile because how can I give you an honest opinion? These products pretty much tell you how they roll from the first try. That's one of the reasons why I've stayed loyal to this brand and it's products since it hit the scene in 2016. 

"Cuvée" is French for "tank" or "vat" which denotes the containers in which wine is created, and stored, specifically champagne. Blends of grapes are held in these containers until they are aged to perfection. 

The blend that makes this haircare line so special is it's Cuvée Complex, which was created in a high tech lab to include:







Without any parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, this line of products is gentle enough to use on even the most abused hair. Though it's not meant for skin, it won't cause the pore clogging breakouts that traditional hair products can. This is because of the gentle ingredients that are inspired by skincare to promote a healthy scalp.

The brand's original champagne spray.




The traditional Champagne Spray was the first product that I used from the brand. My hair may be straight when it's dry but it's a gnarly mess when it's wet. I use this spray onto my damp hair after towel drying, then I brush it through and air dry my hair. Okay first off, this detangles my hair like whoa. Second, it leaves my hair shiny and bouncy when I air dry. That's impossible! I've never had anything other than limp noodles on my head from air drying. This spray literally revitalized my hair's life. 

The brand's Protective Treatment.





My second purchase was Cuvée Beauty's Protective Spray. Not only does this shield my hair from heat products when I decide to style it but it protects it from the UV rays of the sun. If we're going to slather on the SPF to protect our skin, why should our hair be left out? I layer this over the champagne spray to get my locks that extra bit of oomph. If I had to choose one spray, I would take this product over the champagne spray. If I had to choose but luckily I don't have to.

Volumizing Mist




This was my latest purchase from Cuvée Beauty and the brand's latest product on the market. Of the products I've tried, this has to be my least favorite. I have tried this mist on dry hair as well as wet hair and it just doesn't deliver on lightweight volume for me. In addition to my hair being pin straight, it's also fine. This product did not give me the boost I was looking for and did not seem as lightweight as the other sprays in the line. Have you tried this product and had better luck? Let me know your hair type and method of use in the comments below or via email.


Have you tried anything from the Cuvée Beauty line? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below or email/DM me.

*Photos and ingredient list courtesy of Cuvée Beauty.