Spritz On, Girl

If you creep on Michelle Lee's Instagram stories the way I do, you may have noticed that she likes to use face mist. In fact, a lot of employees at Allure like to use face mist. I guess it the resident beauty authority is misting then we should explore WTF even are face mists and why they matter.

Similarly to the toner that you should be using as part of your skincare routine, face mists deliver a boost to your skin. A traditional toner is used on a cotton pad to distribute healthy ingredients back into the skin after cleansing. A face mist is distributed through a pump bottle to spritz the product on the face in a light, well...mist.

You can use these products to refresh your makeup or mixed with your makeup to thin the coverage. Some mists also come with specific active ingredients to help fight acne, fine lines, dryness, or any other potential skin concerns. Keep your empty spritz bottle for watering your plants. These brands have already packaged the best formulas for your to throw in your bag and go. Best part about face mists that's not true with many other beauty products? You can share them with all your friends!

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +, $26

This is the best known mix and with good reason. This is one of the most versatile face mists on the market. Use it to refresh, set makeup, or mix it with your favorite highlighter or eyeshadow for some extra potency. After its successful winter 2017 launch, the brand made coconut, lavender, and rose into permanent scents of Fix+. Check out the detoxifying charcoal mist for my fellow oily/combo skinned peeps.

Pro tip: draw on your face with a full coverage foundation stick or concealer, spritz this formula, then blend in with a sponge for a glowing and natural base to any makeup look.


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, $24

This is one of my favorite rosewater products and it so happens to be a mist! Jurlique is a natural beauty brand that puts out high quality products. This mist is just one in a line of many, each for addressing specific concerns. Rosewater acts to balance skin's pH levels to help you prevent breakouts and keep skin soft and radiant. There have also been aromatherapy studies done that show the scent of rose can lower stress levels. Yes, please.

Pro tip: Reach for rosewater mist instead of your 3PM snack. You'll feel rejuvenated, your makeup will look fresh AF, and that last minute deadline will seem insignificant.


Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, $90

You bet your ass I wasn't going to leave Chanel off this list. I am obsessed with the brand's Hydra line, something that is necessary for anyone with dry skin or living in a cold climate. This mist is one of the most refreshing ones I've ever used and completely worth the price tag. Vitamins and hyaluronic acid hydrate and plump the skin to help you from looking too sallow or ravaged by the elements. This is also the best mist for a hangover.  

Pro tip: Travel with this mist in your carry on and use it to refresh your skin throughout your flight.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $49

This is a classic mist from a classic brand. Rosemary, grapes, and rose oil are the primary ingredients in this all natural spritz. This is the bottle you want to have around at all time, especially when you are going makeup free. The Elixir not only plumps and refreshes skin but helps to tighten pores.  No wonder this French brand has Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a supporter.

Pro tip: While spraying this one your face, neck, and chest, make sure to spritz the back of your hands. It's one of the first areas to show age.


Marc Jacobs Re(Cover), $39

This primer is now in spray form and I am obsessed. Taking the scent and moisture from coconuts, this is the perfect spray to prime you for your makeup as well as refresh you for touch ups throughout the day. Going day to night? Spray this bad boy all over and go in with your concealer and highlighter for that easy date night look in under 10 minutes.

Pro tip: Start spritzing next to your face and move toward your face. It'll reduce the element of surprise and you're less likely to flinch and get mascara everywhere.




Spritz on, boo.