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Revolution US 200 x 1000

Summer is one of the biggest times to travel. You might have kids that are on break from school or you might be trying to escape the heat of your region. Maybe you’re traveling for work to close out some deals before the fourth quarter. Whatever your intentions we think you’ll agree when we say it’s less than ideal to lug a full suitcase of beauty products (unless you’re in the industry and lugging your kit).


Whether you are on a yacht (like every single celeb) or road tripping, these beauties will be your babes.


We’ve curated some of the beauty world’s heaviest hitting products but smaller - meaning they come in minis! If you’re traveling, this is going to be the best option for an easy to carry beauty bag that’s TSA approved.

You don’t even have to be traveling!

Another reason to grab these minis is curiosity. Have you heard the hype around some of these products but been to shy to commit to a full size? Grab a mini and take it for a test drive. It’ll be a smaller financial investment and you don’t have to worry about a half-used, full size product rolling around in a drawer after you decide you don’t want it after all.

Truth be told, we don’t think that’ll be the fate of any of these products - they’re all winners.


The Full Artillery



Go ahead, ask for the upgrade - you’ve earned it.



What are your travel faves? Hit us up below!

The Tiny but Mighty Sonic Face Cleanser & Massager

Cover photo by Angelo Pantazis.