Meltproof Your Makeup

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The summer is often a traumatizing time for makeup. Between sweat and potential humidity, makeup seems to melt off in a shorter amount of time than it took you to apply it. Luckily, we have the tips you need to keep your look in place from hot morning to steamy night.


“It’s a crime not to prime”

The one sentence that can seal your face - er, fate.

Not only do primers help makeup last longer but they have a variety of other benefits. They seal in your skincare, give an even base for makeup, and often provide extra SPF or other active ingredients. There are primers to help give you a glow, make your skin look matte, or hydrate in addition to your moisturizer. There are even eyelid primers to help amp up your eye makeup and give it staying power.

When choosing a primer, always make sure it’s the same formula (water vs. oil-based) as the foundation you’ll be using to avoid looking patchy.

You can use a brush, beautyblender, or even your hands to apply the primer. Just make sure that you let your top layer of skincare absorb into your skin for at least five minutes before putting on primer. Then let your primer rest for a few minutes before putting on makeup. This “sandwiching” will allow you to get the most band for your buck out of each product rather than all the products mixing together (which can lead to pilling).


The Primer Products



Face Base

Depending on your skin and how much of it you want to show off, there are a few options for your base in the hot months.

If you can and want to get away with less on your skin then go for a tinted moisturizer or CC cream. If you prefer a medium to full coverage, go for a long lasting foundation like that from Lancome - which comes in 45 shades. Apply a thin layer of product and build it up until you reach your ideal result. Whether it’s one layer or five, it’s personal preference and I support you.

When it comes to concealer, practice this sandwiching technique as well.

This sandwiching technique will allow your makeup to stay on longer without smudging and creasing. When you apply a thin layer, let it set, and then continue the process until you reach your coverage preference, you are allowing the product to do its job without feeling caked. The results are long lasting, seamless looking skin. This is the same technique you'll want to use on your blush, alternative between applying your blush and blending in with your base tool (brush, sponge, etc).

Now it’s true that this technique is a little more involved and takes more time than the usual slap dash some of us do in the car (guilty!) but it’s honestly worth it. It also helps to choose products that have staying power for 16 - 24 hours and/or are water-resistant.


The Base Products



The Eyes Have It

If you don’t want your mascara to run, grab a tubing formula or one that’s waterproof.

There are pros and cons to each of these. Tubing formulas will prevent smudging and running by wrapping it’s formulas around each lash to provide a shield or “tube”, hence its name. It can be taken off with micellar water or a cleanser and will often come off in chunks. These mascaras will not give you high drama when it comes to lashes, though. You’ll have more of a your lashes but better appearance.

Waterproof formulas come in handy because they’re, well, waterproof. These will resist smudging and smearing. They will also hold a curl better than any regular formulas of mascara. The downside to these babies is that they are often a nuisance to remove - leading to increased tugging on the eyes or the need for super oily makeup removers.

It gets easier to find long lasting formulas when it comes to eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Most are marketed to grab on and stay. Look for phrases like “long-lasting” and “24 hour wear” on the packaging. When in doubt, default to gel-based products as they have been proven to withstand smudging and creasing. A similar rule of thumb can be used when looking for brow products with staying power.


The Eye Products



Lip Locked

A long lasting lip product that doesn’t dry out your lips is a relic.

That’s why I’ve tested almost all of those on the market to bring you the power players. Wether you want a matte look or a full on gloss, you shouldn’t have to reapply every 20 minutes. Aside from using the right products, here are some other tips to cheat the lasting lip game.

  1. Due to the no budge formula that most lipliners use, you can even fill in your whole pout with a liner and head out - you’ll get great pigment and staying power. Add a balm or gloss on top if you don’t want to go matte.

  2. Avoid shimmer or glitter formulas. While these are fun, they are often the fastest disappearing formulas for lip products.

  3. If you only want to invest in one product, grab a top coat for your lips. Like for you nails - this is a clear product you can put over your existing lip products to seal in the product.

  4. You can also use your eye primer on or around your lips. This will help with lipstick bleeding if you have any texture or lines on the skin in the area.


The Lip Products



Set It And Forget It

After all of your hard work, make sure to seal in your look for long lasting perfection.

Setting sprays (and powders) work very similarly to primers - they seal in your most recent layer and protect it from what comes next. In this case, the setting products help to seal in your makeup and protect it from the humidity and sun so that your face doesn’t melt off. Setting sprays sometimes have additional benefits, like cucumber water for soothing the skin or mattifying agents.

If you have oily or combination skin, it may be worthwhile to invest in a translucent powder to set your look. Those with dryer skin don’t have to avoid powder but can use it selectively in spots that they know their makeup will budge (think: the T-zone).

The best part about these setting products is that they often come in mini sizes so you can throw them in your crossbody before you head out and use them to refresh your look later in the day.


The Setting Products


So whether you prefer a low-key look or a full face beat, remember to PSS (Prime, Sandwich, and Set).

It’ll save you a whole lot of melt. Trust.


Cover photo by Jakob Owens.

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