Beauty Accounts to Follow in 2018

There is an energy that swirls around on New Year's Eve. Lotioning your legs for the night out spent drinking strangers' champagne and making the last few bad decisions of 2017. Making resolutions that your will inevitably grow tired of before Valentine's Day when you eat a whole box of chocolates and drink a box of Merlot. #newyearnewme

The reality is that, no matter the year, there is always time to purge yourself of that which does not serve you and give yourself more of what you deserve: opportunities, successes, inspiration, and strength. 

I am personally purging my Instagram from any accounts that I follow that haven't posted since the last new year or don't inspire me to do anything other than be my best self. These are the top 5 IG accounts I recommend following into 2018 if you are looking for beauty inspo with a side of female strength, in no specific order


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Samantha Chapman

Not only is Sam a talented makeup artist (one half of the team, Pixiwoo) with years of experience, she is one of the masterminds behind the Real Techniques makeup tools. Her vulnerable yet sarcastic chronicle of her life is only the cherry on top of a sundae of inspiration.

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Nicola Haste Chapman

The other half of Pixiwoos is Sam's sister, Nic, who not only shares the talent and experience her older sister, she is the other mastermind behind Real Techniques. That and her optimism and sense of humor give remind me that the it's important to not take oneself too seriously.

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Jen Atkin

Jen's celebrity roster starts with the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen and goes on so long that there isn't room for me to name drop anymore. What I love about her posts, though, is that this girl keeps it real. From her journey into celeb hairstyling to her love of fresh made bread (baked by her hubs), Jen is one of the most relatable figures on IG. She inspires me to remember how much I can achieve with drive and passion.

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Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg may be one of the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists but she's also a badass mom, wifey, and friend - as witnessed on her IG. Talk about having it all! I'd definitely jump at the chance to grab a drink with this babe but admiring her on IG will have to do for now.

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Michelle Lee

As editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, Michelle is at the forefront of all things beauty. The reason I creep on her IG isn't only for the beauty inspo, though. Michelle pushes women to think outside the box when it comes to beauty and when it comes to life. She empowers her followers just like she empowers her young daughter and that's inspo enough.


What Instagram accounts are you obsessed with following into 2018? Comment below!