Products for Body

While I've been focusing a lot of my posts on what you put on your face, I'm sure you don't want to greet 2018 looking fly only from the chin up. Here are some of my favorite items for the body to get you looking as glam as the disco ball they drop in Times Square - or as glam as Ryan Seacrest while he hosts the ball drop. It's your life, I don't judge. 

*This post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with these brands. I just really love these products.


Turbo Wash

This is my favorite body wash of all time. I get the 33oz and use it was a natural sponge. I've been using this for years and I'm not about to swap it any time soon.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 1.48.28 PM.png

Jojoba Dual Body Oil

I am obsessed with this body oil because I'm lazy AF and the fact that it comes in a spritz bottle is ideal. This is a light oil so don't assumer it's going to help with major dryness but it will give you that smooth skin you want for that short NYE dress.


Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I received this cream as a sampler and have re-upped twice since then. This caffeine complex attacks cellulite to give you that lifted and taut Brazilian Bum (Bum). It also has a slight sheen so you can the photographed looking like a Sports Illustrated model. Don't even talk about the smell (love)!


The Gradual

I love this brand for its self-tanners and The Gradual is my favorite because it's foolproof. It doesn't leave me with streaks or splotches and it doesn't smell like a flaming tire. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.10.29 PM.png

Face and Body Foundation

If you want to take your NYE look to the next level, put MAC's Face and Body foundation on your legs. This will give you the perfect model limbs and also cover up any shaving nicks from when you were rushing to hit the pre-game.


Do you have a product or routine that you can't live without? Maybe you got turned onto something new in 2017. Share your comments below.