Vitamins for Your Skin

As we hover in that awkward week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, this is the perfect time to feed your skin with the exact vitamins it needs to stay healthy. Regardless of your skin type or tone, everyone's skin needs a radiance boost as we say goodbye to the bear trap that was 2017.

Vitamin C

You may see a ton of products touting this vitamin in it's ingredients. Most commonly, vitamin C has been recommended as an oral supplement to help boost the immune system against ailments. When it comes to skincare, Vitamin C acts in a very similar way: as a protector against environmental damage. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) cause it to be the primary defender against UV damage from sum exposure. Those sun spots that are about to appear (or already have) meet their ultimate nemesis in Vitamins C. 

This Sunday Riley moisturizer is the perfect ally in the fight against sun damage. Use it at nighttime to repair existing damage.

Photo courtesy of Sephora.


Remember that the skin regenerative itself and repairs any damage while you sleep. That means that a moisturizer like the one above will have the most impact when you slip on your sleep mask and catch those zzz. If you are looking for the ultimate in protection during the day time, definitely go for a sunscreen with Vitamin C.


I swear by this sunscreen. I carry a mini of it in my bag and have a full size in my bathroom. Regardless of the time of year or weather, invest in a sunscreen and then use it.

Photo courtesy of Supergoop.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been used to help with scars and discoloration to even skin tone and heal blemishes. Another great benefit of this vitamin is that is acts as a barricade against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules or atoms due to an uneven amount of electrons, which makes them havoc on our bodies, specifically our skin. How? They age us prematurely! Vitamin E help to protect against these by stabilizing the radicals without destabilizing itself (here, have an electron, friend!). 


These capsules tap into Vitamin E as an ingredient to fight aging and repair wrinkles and fine lines. Elizabeth Arden is also the only place I trust with my face/body when I'm in NYC.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arden.


You can also buy Vitamin E capsules at your local pharmacy and break them open for the oil inside for the same effect. I would recommend only doing this on scars that are not on your face. The more pure the concentration of Vitamin E, the greater the risk that it may clog up your pores and cause a break out. That's why it's good to buy products that are carriers for this vitamin so that chemists have already devised the most effective way for you to hit that Fountain of Youth.


I have been a devotee of Clarins face creams for a long time and this eye cream is no exception. Natural extracts and Vitamin E help fight those pesky crows feet. Goodbye creased concealer!

Photo courtesy of Clarins.


B Vitamins

There are many B vitamins and you may recognize them as being used to give your favorite celebs energy before they go out to perform (ahem, Madonna). You can also use various B vitamins topically to provide the same energy boost to your complexion. Here I highlight some of the Bs that will have your newly bouncy, young skin getting all As. 


Super Bounce serum leverages vitamin B5 (found in avocados) to give your skin a super moisturizer and plump appearance so you don't look like you're prematurely aging in to the crypt keeper. #avotoast

Photo courtesy of Glossier.


Why was B6 afraid of B7? He wasn't because B6 ain't afraid of nobody. This vitamin helps in the same way that B5 does with the added benefit of helping some people with their acne (science jury is still out on that one but it's worth a shot).

Photo courtesy of Urban Decay.



So whether you're getting vitamin injections, having someone come over with an IV, or just trying to save your face from the impending apocalypse, be sure to stock up on vitamins to keep your whole body healthy. As always, do your research and talk to a doctor before introducing any new supplements to go into your body and talk to your dermatologist or beauty chemist about what may be best for your skincare routine.

Leave your comments below to let me know what vitamins you swear by and what products have saved you this year. #2017islava