Tom Ford Souffle

To set the scene, I was laying on my sofa, with a glass of wine, semi-watching "A Christmas Prince" and scrolling through my Sephora app. Then it happened: I hit the Tom Ford link in the brands list. Maybe it's because I was on glass #2 or maybe I was itching for that striped package to greet my at my front door but I obviously bought something. This is my review on whether or not the brand's Radiant Moisture Souffle is worth it the $98 price tag.  

Photo courtesy of  Tom Ford.

Photo courtesy of Tom Ford.


First impressions: the packaging is sexy and glamorous but duh, it's Tom Ford. I am always split on the brand's beauty products because I've found some things that have become my absolute favorites (Indian Rose lipstick) and others that have been a bit of a miss (Soleil Contouring Palette). So can the unboxing.


Okay, we need to talk about this. 

This moisturizer is not for everyone. The name says it all: it's a "radiant" formula. This means that it's shimmery AF. This also means that if you have oily skin, this product is not for you. If you have combination skin, avoid your T-zone. 


If you have mature skin, dry skin, or both, you have met your match in this moisturizer. I equate the effect of this moisturizer to an illuminating primer (think Victoria Beckham Morning Aura), which is almost what it is. The important thing to note is that this product combines the effect of a moisturizer and a primer. 



This formula is rich and decadent. It absorbs in the skin right away and provides high moisture and high shine. I also love the way it smells! Peep the effect below:

Final Verdict: This product is great for a youthful and healthy glow. Avoid it if you already have oily or shiny skin as you will just look like a disco ball face (it's a thing, I'm making it a thing). 


Have you tried this product or any others from Tom Ford's skincare line? Comment to let me know your thoughts!