Red Lip Favorites

I have been obsessed about getting a great red lip ever since I was little, when I would take a red marker and color in all of the model's lips in every magazine. When I was old enough to be allowed to wear makeup, nailing a red lip was one of my main goals. In the years since, I have amassed an arsenal of red lip staples and I want to share some favorites with you.

( latest tutorial was a quick and easy guide to getting the perfect red lip. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out here.)


When it comes to classic lipsticks, there are two that I keep coming back to without fail. One is Ruby Woo and the other is Russian Red, both from MAC. For a more satin finish, I love the pop of color that you get from Envious by Estee Lauder. If you want more matte in your life, I would have to say my go to is the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick from Stila in Beso. I once ate a burrito with this lipstick and it did no budge. For darker skin tones, I love this product in Fiery and Ricco. Those with more fair tones, Venezia will be your bestie. 

Lip Glosses

Gloss is making a comeback! After years of matte formulas being the norm, high shine is #trending hard. There is little I love more in this life than NARS Lip Gloss and my go to reds from them are in the shades Scandal, Eternal Red, and Misbehavin'. If you need a dupe for Misbehavin' then meet your new friend: Evening Glow from Burt's Bees. (awyeah) Another amazing gloss at an amazing price? Butter Gloss from NYX in Red Velvet. 

Lip Pencils

My lover NARS makes a comeback in this category for most amazing lip pencil (technically it's a crayon but whatever). The NARS Lip Crayon in Cruella is that gorgeous brick color that reall looks great on every skintone. For a more vibrant and summery look? Go for the shade Red Square. Trust me, I'm a professional. 

If we're talking lip liners, then you may want to check out Jay Manuel Beauty's The Ultimate Pencil in either Treat, Bombshell, or Fire, depending on your complexion (fair to dark). Yes, that Jay Manuel (aka Mr. J). For some dupes on these, check out the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Plush Red, Hot Red, and Cabaret. 

Well if I learned anything in this post, it's that I love red lips and red lip products. That and I should probably make a dupes post. 

What are your favorite products and tips to getting the perfect red lip? Comment below!