Glitter Products to Love RN

New Year's Eve may be over but glitter is forever. Literally, that shit gets everywhere. 

Some people may find glitter beauty products intimidating but once you get the hang of it they can be really fun. Whether it's on your eyes, your lips, or in your hair, glitter can help you amp up any outfit or mood. 

Sad about a recent breakup? Red glitter lip! Going out partying with the girls? Glitter winged liner! Hungry? #glitterbae

Here are some of my favorite new products for you to try glitter out for yourself. *nudge nudge* 


Glitterati Top Coat

Oh hot damn, this is my jam. Gloss top coats are the newest trend to peak it's way out of 2017. Grab this glittery gloss to wear on its own or layer on any other lip product. Prefer showing off your eyes? Get Wanderlust

Glitter Stick

Y'all. Yes. 

This highlighter stick has rainbow glitter in it that makes it look technicolor when it hits your skin. Best part is that it works on all skin tones and have Milk Melt Technology. It can also double as an eyeshadow or out of this world lip color. 

Cover FD Drops.jpg

Glitter Drops

Jamie Greenberg used this product on Kaley Cuoco at this year's Golden Globes. If you want to see how glitter can look natural check out the look here. Keep an eye out on Jamie's YouTube to see her tutorial on the look. #love


Dirty Baby

Glitter can be girly. It can also be totally badass, as this polish proves. There really is no better way to describe it than the brand does: "Ultra fine silver glitter suspended in obsidian base". Badass.



Not ready to take your glitter out for a roll in the real world? Prep your skin with this cult classic mask. Licorice and marshmallow roots will cause your skin to feel like you've been reborn. Also, #glitter.

Did I leave any of your faves out? Lemme know in the comments or DM me!